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Figures for the current year and previous four years are here:

Fiscal year2020/212019/202018/192017/182016/17Calculation formulas
Gross profit*45.84534.30118.86714.81813.565 * = Revenue – cost of sales – other external costs
Profit before growth costs*2.2583.5731.5391.667578* = Profit for the year + cost spend on growth
EBITDA*1.201(201)522396825* = Gross profit – Staff cost
EBIT*(285)(1.265)160167578* = Operation profit
Net financials(617)(62)454.262651
Profit for the year(690)(1.027)1394.3811.095
Extended equity*6.7363.4254.4524.3134.832* = Equity + subordinate loan capital
Total assets36.18223.98420.06410.23311.961
Executed projects no*5255583733* = The number of big, midsize and small projects
Project size in average*18501.550750800720* = Project size in average = Revenue/ Executed projects no
Growth ratio*12%95%47%20%10%* = Revenue current year/year before
Equity ratio*18,6%14.3%22%42%40%* = Extended equity/Total assets
Current ratio*118%75%94%117%71%* = Current assets/Current liabilities other than provisions