Automated greenhouse for the University of Copenhagen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

ProInvent has developed a prototype of an automated incubator for the University of Copenhagen, the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

This automated greenhouse is unique worldwide and is called Plant PhenoLab. It supports the development of new plants and will be used for research into plant and environmental sciences, including the validation and verification of measurements of plants, made in fields with an existing platform Pheno-Field. The measurements include biotic and abiotic stress, as well as reaction to nutrient- and irrigation levels under controlled cultivation conditions.

Plant PhenoLab contains an automated cultivation system in which neighbour and peripheral effects are eliminated, and where reproducibility in the cultivation of plants for research and teaching is ensured. The PhenoLab finds and monitors the interaction between the plant's genes and cultivation conditions. By controlling irrigation levels, it is possible to determine how effectively distorted plant varieties resist water shortage stress, and where in the genome of the plant this property is controlled.

ProInvent’s delivery consists mainly of a transport system with plant fixtures, RFID identification system, water/fertilizing and weighing station, plant sensors for measuring soil humidity, temperature and fertilization conditions in pots, vision tunnel with infrared and multispectral measurement of plant properties, as well as a PLC system for controlling the entire cell.


Ingeniøren har skrevet om PhenoLab. Read the article.


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