ProInvent's machine platform was created as a result of more than 25 years of experience in the development of high-performance production equipment. The platform contains a number of industrial machines that are adapted to the individual customer based on your needs.
Here you can see some of them.

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Assembling mashine

If you need fully automatic assembly lines that minimize the consumption of man-hours, robot technology is the way forward. We also specialize in sighted robots, which are a new way to automate small series productions. With the use of vision systems, robots become sighted. It allows for flexible handling, fast conversion and increased profitability. With the use of this type of technology, a profitable production is achieved even with small series sizes with frequent conversions.
ProInvent has supplied assembly lines to a large number of companies such as Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Novozymes, Radiometer and Pressalit.

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Rotary Index tables machines

are positioning devices used to index fixtures with parts in angular increments to be assembled. They are application specific and are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a specific operation or set of operations.
The advantages of Rotary Index Tables are precision like 0,05 mm, cycles time of 1 sec and applications across a wide range of industries. The disadvantages is lack of flexibility. ProInvent have delivered many Rotary Index tables machines for assembly and Tampo print to fx. to Radiometer and Coloplast.

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Armoring line

For several years, ProInvent has developed machines for oil and gas pipe factories, e.g. wire reinforcement lines reinforcement of offshore pipes with rectangular wires - a special geometric shape. The many high-strength steel rectangular wires are preformed through the wood reinforcement machine and then laid on the flexible oil and gas pipes. The wires are preformed before they are applied to the pipe, so that it i.a. can achieve exactly the right kind of flexibility and great strength. A flexible oil pipeline must withstand being exposed to massive influences from oil pressure, water pressure, ocean currents and the laying itself.

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Pheno Plant lab installation

Plant Phenolab is a fully automated platform for the study of e.g. pigmentation and cell changes in plants by various treatments such as infection with disease-causing organisms. The Pheno Plant provides irrigation, fertilization, rotation, randomization and observation of up to 117 plant fixtures. Phenolab was built in Taastrup as a prototype of a larger plant that will later be built in Frederiksberg.

The automation system consists of 13 rows with space for 9 fixtures with plants in each row. Each plant fixture contains one or four plants (in 13 x 13 x 13 cm or 8 x 8 x 8 cm pots, respectively). The individual fixture is identified by means of an RFID roof at the bottom. The position and orientation of the plants The plant fixtures move at a speed of up to 8 m / min., and all movements are gentle on the plants are randomized on an ongoing basis to ensure uniform growth conditions for the plants in Phenolab.

Type: Fully automated phenotyping platform
Length / Width / Capacity: 12 m / 4.5 m / Up to 117 x 4 plants
Maximum plant size: 25 x 25 x 60 cm
Speed: 8 m / min

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Chip and crack inspection

This production system can examine 400 small glass ampoules for a drug, so-called 'cartridges' at once for shards and cracks. The glass ampoules arrive from the glass manufacturers in standardized boxes on pallets, and the heavy and monotonous work processes are performed by robots that are so advanced that they are called production droids.

Two droids work together in 3D-coordinated movements, and vision guidance enables full automation. Among other things, it deals with about creating high productivity, a healthy working environment as well as freeing up employees for more valuable work and to a large extent getting people out of clean rooms so as not to contaminate the drug. The droids are designed and certified to work in clean rooms, which means that they are super hygienic in their structure and mechanics, they do not emit dust or bacteria, and they are easy to clean using spray so that the droids and machines can work undisturbed. with minimal external influences.

The solution is validated and approved by customers and authorities.

One droid is equipped with a unique gripper that can handle all 400 glass ampoules at once. The two droids work together to grab the many glass ampoules and remove the boxes, respectively. A vision system is used to position the boxes, while a more advanced QC vision system is used to examine each glass ampoule for shards and cracks in one fell swoop. The strict rules for medico- / pharma products mean that if there are shards in the glasses, they are discarded. At the same time, it must go fast with getting the glasses passed on to the in-feeder to the next steps in the process such as washing and filling.

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Saw machines

ProInvent  has many years of experience as a supplier of fully automatic, prescription sawing machines for shredding e.g. silicon crystals, metal and ceramic monoliths.

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Sorting machines


One of the standard products that ProInvent delivers is specifically about a sorting machine, called ProSorter, for salmon and trout eggs that can sort 125,000 eggs per hour. Approx. 10 pcs. per year worldwide and so far 50 pieces have been produced.

It is a very delicate task to be able to sort the fragile eggs that are alive and used for breeding. A single unfertilized egg that rots can destroy all the other eggs, so it is important that only the fertilized eggs are passed on for breeding.

This is done using mechanics, a servo system, a reversing unit and 4 vision systems that inspect each individual egg. Compressed air with an ultra-fast valve shoots out bad eggs, so all the good eggs can be flushed out with a light water pressure.

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Coating equipment

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ProInvent has designed and developed bioreactors, also called waverocker, for the pharmaceutical industry. For the construction of bioreactors we use xxxxxxxxxxx technology.

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Packing machines

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A Flexpicker robot makes it possible to collect and pack items quickly. The Flexpicker robots are relatively small, have great precision and are very fast. We use them for "pick-and-place" tasks when our customers need short cycling times. This may, for example, be in connection with packing of items from a conveyor belt or moving items from a conveyor belt and further in the process chain. These tasks often require the interplay between a vision system that locates topics and the flexpicker robot that picks up the topics. In this connection, we use standard vision solutions from eg Omron and Cognex, but also more specialized solutions when needed.

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