We create mechanics and machines

In the engineering and design group, a strong team of graduate engineers and mechanical designers create mechanics and machinery.

ProInvent's 3D CAD systems, Pro/Engineer and Inventor are typically used throughout all the phases of a project. Concepts and layouts are often sketched out in 3D, before the actual design phase is initiated. Such early visualization allows the customer to get a good overview of the entire plant.

In the design phase, in which parts are dimensioned, the efficiency of calculations and detailed design work is enhanced significantly by the application of many of the facilities offered by a 3D CAD system. In addition, we assure a high level of documentation for both assembly drawings and detailed design drawings.

When you get your machine designed by ProInvent, you will get: 

  • Early visualization enables the customer to get a good overview of the whole plant
  • Concept development and outline in 3D
  • Advanced machine design in 3D CAD Autodesk Inventor
  • Effective calculations and detailed design work are continously improved through many new tools which are offered by CAD systems.
  • Detailed design-review process
  • High level of details for assembly- and part- drawings
  • Function Specifications, FS

Machine design of flexible production equipment

It is essential for all production companies to be able to re-align their production in relation to customers’ demands. ProInvent is a specialist in developing and delivering flexible production equipment according to customers’ specific requirements / demands.

To meet these requirements, we mainly integrate the following 5 elements:

In its simplest form, recipes are the parameters of the equipment associated with the individual product variants. These parameters are performed and stored in the controller during development of the equipment or is performed immediately before the series or the item are about to be produced. More advanced recipes are various tools, PLC-programs, Vision Data and programmes with workflows for robots associated with the single product variants.
Utilization of vision-controlled robots – i.e. “sensing robots” – allows automation productions in small series with frequent re-alignments, at no extra costs. Using vision control in the robots often eliminates expensive fixtures and allows for fulfilling high demands of flexibility. Read more about Vision-Controlled Robots.
Using robotics technology enables to perform change overs several times a day, and it only takes a few minutes. This is an advantage in production companies with small series. Read more about Robottechnology.
Semi automation may be relevant if the product program is very diversified and the volume of the single variants is small.
Using modularity the machine is performed with modules with separate controls which enables the machine lines to be established or re-build to produce future variants by changing one or more modules.

Nothing is impossible with ProInvent as a partner

In ProInvent we have an open mindset where we see opportunities in everything. Among other things, we have designed the world's largest vision-driven robot, two vision-guided robots that played chess against each other and a automatic collaborative robots, where robots are working together in 3D koordinatet movements.
Henrik Søndergaard, Head of Machine Development