Project Management is an individual core competence at ProInvent. When we start up a project, the customer will have a connection with one of our engineer-educated project managers, who will be their contact person throughout the project.

It may well be that the road from vision to reality is long and complicated; however, we are engaged and work at a pace that realizes the ideas within the given frame time.

We work closely on solutions where thoughts and ideas are realized in an innovative environment
The Project Managers are involved in all phases of the development process – from development of general technological solutions till realization and commissioning
Systematic working methods, structured planning, monthly project status and budget follow-ups ensure an effective conclusion of the projects
Project models based on detailed specification work and additional qualifications of e.g. URS through FAT/SAT are integrated elements in ProInvent’s project management
ProInvent always works with plan based project management on the basis of our own project wheel that visualizes time schedules for the purpose of achieving the goal within the timeframes

When you start a project in ProInvent, a project group is established with representatives from both your company and ProInvent. This project group meets regularly during the project period. These meetings ensure that both parties are satisfied with the progress of the project and the decisions that are made on a continuous basis.

Leif Dalum, Head of Sales