Rockwell Automation OEM-partner

ProInvent is a Rockwell Automation OEM-Partner for Machine Builders.

We have achieved this status because we uniquely combine Rockwell Automations’ products, know-how and automation concepts with ProInvent’s industrial and application-related knowledge and experience as an advisor and contractor for development and effective production systems.

The requirements of a partner include among others:

        • Application experience in one or more industries
        • A high level of technical education
        • Product knowledge and deep experience with Rockwell Automation’s concept
        • Continuous training in products and method of integration

ProInvent fulfils these requirements and, based on this, we have developed an open AB-standard
platform, where it is very efficient to build machine controls with integrated PLC, servo and HMI.

Certified Robot Partner of ABB

ProInvent became a certified Robot Partner in 2005 and is a member of the ABB Global Partner Program for robotic-based automation. Specifically, these awards mean that ABB points to us as an advisor or supplier when special development and production equipment are required or when it comes to delivery of vision-controlled robotic machines. It is ProInvent’s extensive knowledge and experience with robot simulation, vision control and offline programming that made ABB certify ProInvent.

When we choose an industrial robot, we take into consideration which robot would be the best for solving this special task, and, at the same time, we check the supplier’s ability to provide a good service.

We have extensive experience with ABB, ADEPT, and KUKA robots, and this experience led ABB to certify ProInvent as the first PickMaster Partner in Denmark in 2005. Since 2006, ABB has rated ProInvent as a general Certified Robot Partner, and we are one of only three companies in Denmark who has that certification.


Trained Cognex Integrator

In some industries, Cognex is considered an industry standard. Therefore, ProInvent is a certified, trained Cognex Smart Camera integrator. We are experienced in designing and implementing complete vision solutions, including camera hardware, optics, illumination, programming, and interfacing with other automation components. By completing the training, we have gained specialized knowledge in Cognex In-Sight, and we are capable of fully utilizing the potential of these relatively simple vision systems.

Besides Cognex Smart Cameras, we also work with Cognex VisionPro, Designer, and ViDi, which are PC based solutions with a complete feature set, including Deep Learning

Special expertise in highly dynamic servo systems make us an IAI solution partner

ProInvent is a certified IAI solution partner in servo system integration. We are experienced in designing and implementing complete servo solutions, including dimensioning, hardware design, programming, interfacing with other automation components and running-in. We have gained specialized knowledge in IAI servosystems, and we are capable of fully utilizing the potential of these servo systems. The certificate is issued by IAI and Delta Elektronik A/S, and we primarily use systems in their program: Kollmorgen, Trio Motion, Panasonic, LinMot actuators and AMK, due to the 6high-performance level of these systems, combined with highly competent support from Delta Elektronik A/S.

Omron Solution Partner

Being an OMRON Solution Partner ProInvent is an approved system integrator – and through this partnership, our employees are educated in AnyFeeders and vision-guided OMRON robots.

Read more about robot technology at ProInvent.


In addition to the brands with which we have certificates, we have extensive experience with the Siemens Automation Platform for PLC control and HMI.


Denso Robot Partner

ProInvent is certified for Denso Robot and a member of The Scandinavian Partner Program for Denso Robot Automation.