Our approach

The Integrated Product Development process empowers Design Thinking, Design for Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technology – all key in achieving innovation.





We employ only top talents as it is essential to be successful in what we do. We have a wide array of expertise inhouse that enables us to drive projects from early scoping and ideation to commissioning and process validation of manufacturing equipment. We acknowledge our limitations and engage with our external network, when needed.



We help our customers in all stages of the project

Employing exceptionally talented specialists and generalists, we have the right people to support you through all stages of a product development process. We will assist you either through engineering support by stationing resources at your premises or by taking on and driving end-to-end projects inhouse at our facilities customized for this purpose. 




Start-up or multinational industry leader

Whether your are a start-up or a multinational industry leader looking to develop a new medical device, you will have at least two thing in common – your time and resources are limited and your ability to spend these efficiently affect your success. Facilitating a systematic product development process, we will help you address the critical questions and select the right directions to pursue.



Why integrated

A prerequisite to successful product development is a holistic understanding of development activities, manufacturability and commercialization. Integrated Product Development is a systematic process that warrants the integration of all relevant expertise to obtain innovation. Innovation exists when a product is desirable to the user, feasible to manufacture and economically viable.



Quality, cost and time to market

These three things are notoriously difficult to balance and often become a triangulation of contradiction. What ensures a positive correlation between quality – cost and time, is the ability to identify and pursue the right direction. We help you bring products with high quality faster to the market by utilizing systematic tools and methods which enable us, to do the right things at the right times.

Your preferred partner

We are your preferred partner for new product development, who will develop and deliver the next generation of innovative products to market. Together, we will build product knowledge to increase synergy and value creation for a long-term partnership

René Ferm Nyberg, Head of Product Development