In an international collaboration with IMV Technologies in France, ProInvent has developed and delivered 50 sorting machines for salmon and trout eggs under the name ProSorter.

The ProSorter machines replaces complete manual egg sorting, reduces labour costs and provides a uniform egg quality, that forms the basis for better durability of egg batches for breeding, which is sent - typically by aircraft - from egg producers to growers.

The best sorting machine on the market for fish eggs.

The ProSorter machines are known as the best machines for sorting salmon and trout eggs. They sort very precisely, by using a new imaging technology, operating at a speed of 125,000 eggs per hour while handling the eggs extremely accurately.

ProInvent is responsible for the entire series production of the 40 machines, testing, commissioning procedure, shipping, service and support, further development and software upgrade.

The ProSorter machines takes 4 images with backlights from different directions of each individual egg and analyze the images. Based on a new sorting concept, the ProSorter machine discards all non-viable eggs. The deferral process is done using compressed air from an ultra-fast valve, the machine then washes out the good eggs with a water flow, to avoid damage to them.

Unfertilized eggs, eggs with too small eyes, eggs with the wrong number of eyes, too small or too large eggs, and glass eggs is sorted out, as illustrated in the picture.

Presse: Metal Supply skriver om ProSorter maskinen

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