New Production line increases the out-put capacity

Radiometer is a supplier of technological advanced solutions that simplify and automate all steps in the measurement of acute parameters. Radiometer develops and manufactures advanced solutions, among others taking blood samples, measurement of blood gas and immunochemical assays.

Radiometer wanted to optimize parts of their production in their factory in Stargard, Poland with a new production line with the aim of increasing the output capacity. 

For this purpose ProInvent has developed and delivered the production line below:

1. A filling line with a filling station that weighs fluid on bottles
2. An assembling machine that mounts an emptying system in the bottles
3. A welding station that seals the bottles
4. A label station that dispenses and quality controls labels

The production line works with high accuracy in the filling quantity, high speed, good stability and automatic change over to other variants. When operator chooses a recipe the PLC-control automatically prepares production of the chosen product. Together this performs high output capacity.

The filling line during installation and commissioning in Stargard, Poland. The line is U-shaped in order to achieve the most desirable operation.

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