ProInvent’s Values

We are Strong and getting even stronger through everyday personal development

  • We know our character strengths and use them focused
  • We strengthen our character- and professional strengths-- We copy the good methods and procedures to new projects


We put our Customers at the Centre

-- We put our customers at the heart of everything we do

-- We constantly strive to meet our customers needs


We are Pioneers and Innovative

-- We discover new ground and explore new ways of doing things – first and foremost in integrated product- and technology development but also in sales and services

-- We have a proud tradition of  bringing innovative products and reliably production technology to the market

-- We are fast-paced and responsive


We work with Passion

-- We are passionate about product- and technology development

-- We are proud of our work and celebrate our successes

-- We care about our work and the people around us


We cherish Team Spirit

-- We work together as one unit in order to reach our common goals

-- We respect each other and always strive to lend each other a helping hand

-- We work with our customers to create enduring relationships