Covid-19 precautions from March 18th and updated March 31 th 2020

ProInvent takes the necessary precautions to stop the spread of Coronavirus, and at the same time we follow the appeal to keep the wheels running, since we have taken  responsibility to accomplish important projects for the pharmaceutical, medico technically and automotive industries. ProInvent also wants to ensure health and jobs as well as maintain a healthy economy in the society and thus a good welfare for everyone.

During this challenging period, we are doing our utmost, to ensure that  ProInvent navigates safely through the Corona crisis, and that all our employees will continue to have  attractive and safe workplaces at ProInvent, for many years to come.

The efforts of our employees are very crucial – so everybody must be taken good care of. And we are taking good care of ProInvent. So we are still here, we do that bit extra, act responsibly, follow our risk guidelines, co-operate with our customers and deliver the agreed projects at the agreed time to our customers.

We will currently assess and re-assess our efforts. It must be safe to be at work and if the situation changes, we will take the necessary precautions, in order to come out well on the other side of the Corona crisis with good health and  a healthy economic.

ProInvent follows the Covid-19 guidelines issued by DI and the Danish Authorities .
The Executive Management closely observes the development and acts according to the situation.

We prioritize project execution and sales to existing customers. 90% of our customers are cyclically indifferent, market leading companies in their field.
Whatever your situation is, we are  ready to advise and assist you as usual.
See you on the screen, or let’s call each other for a chat.

On behalf of the Executive Management
Leif Dalum, CEO