We help our customers bring products with high quality faster to market


In market-, and product development we are your partner building the next generation of innovative products by utilizing our highly professional skills with a strong focus on customer needs, reliability and manufacturability. You will benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise that covers most aspects of product development and our wide network to cover all necessary disciplines. Our 1200m2 large workshop is equipped with equipment that allows us to rapidly develop and create a wide range of prototypes ranging from static mock ups to more complex devices for performance test.


Our passion

We love to create and we love to innovate cutting-edge products that help people live better lives. Our philosophy is built on integrated product development where focus is aimed at fulfilling our customers´ and end-users´ needs. We exploit our strong cross-functional competences across the disciplinary area and all phases of the project to ensure, that what the customers want, can be produced at an effective cost with high yield.  We execute our market and product development activities through structured planning, from early ideation through design maturing and process development until production

Our integrated Product Development stage gate approach:

What can the customers expect

  • User-centric product development delivering significant value to customers and end-users
  • Robust product designs that considers all aspects of manufacturing to ensure robust production
  • High level of documentation quality to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Competent and social people with high levels of experience, competences and skillsets
  • Faster products to market

Why choose us

We are your prefered partner for new product development, who will develop and deliver the next generation of innovative products to market. Together, we will build process- and product knowledge to increase synergy and value-creation for a long-term partnership

René Ferm Nyberg, Head of Market and Product Development