At ProInvent, we are continuously adding new strong competences - skilled and dedicated people who all contribute on a daily basis with excellent expertise, enthusiasm, and passion, and actively participate in operating our company, recognizing our responsibility to supply industrial machines and equipment with the latest technological knowledge to our Danish and international customers.

Take a closer look at our latest additions to our family of Progressive Inventors.

Søren Ærenlund


Johnny Kjartan Berg

Sales and Project Manager
With a massive and international experience in Project Management from South America, Russia, and throughout Europe, Johnny has been working as a consultant (e.g. 1 year at Poul Johansen) and he has more than 16 years of employment in Novo and NNE. He has developed extensive knowledge in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and built up products around the world. He also worked as technical and GMP responsible for new and existing production machinery, as well as been in charge of validation and implementation of pharmaceutical process equipment.
In ProInvent, Johnny is our new Sales and Project Manager. Specifically, he will manage the sales and pre-project activities on “2887 Novozymes A-Tom Swatch” and “2888 Novo Nordisk Autoclave feeder”, supporting Head of Machine Design, Michael Skandov. 

Anders Christiansen

Sales and Project Manager 
Anders holds a mechanical engineering degree, and has been 10 years at GEA (spray/pharma/freeze drying), 2 years at Haas-Meincke (bakery/food) and 6 years SPX (spray drying). At his last job at SPX he has been Group leader; managing process, mechanical and lead engineers.

With a massive experience in Project management in both spray drying, freeze drying, bakery production lines, food and pharma industry, Anders is the new Sales and Project Manager in ProInvent. He will be managing the Sales and pre-project on the Agilent pipeline project, while leading the two Bavarian Nordic projects in our pipeline.

Niels Graae 

Sales and Project Manager 
Niels is an experienced Project Manager with a proven history of Instrument and Controls design, engineering, and on-site commissioning in the maritime automation industry. In his professional career, he have worked for IBM and Coloplast, but for the last three years he have been managing and engineering automation projects in an up-and-coming international marine energy optimization company, HVACON, based in Denmark.

In ProInvent, Niels is our new Sales and Project Manager; he will be supporting Head of Sales, Hashim Malik, on Coloplast Tipformer 1+2+3, and eventually take over and release Hashim to more sales activities.

Flavio Bertasi 

Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer 
Educated in 2002 in Plastics Engineering, with specialty in injection molding, Flavio comes from a position in Termo Fisher Scientific as Manufacturing Engineer, where he has worked for more than 18 years and developed extensive knowledge in - among others - Lean Management, Manufacturing Operations Management, Validation, FDA GMP, Quality Management, Root Cause Analysis and Outsourcing Management.
In ProInvent, he will be Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer in the Product Development department, where he will start on a Design Transfer project in Ambu. His main focus will entail both the concept and development of new product and equipment as well as process optimizations of existing equipment.

Tobias Maduro Nørbo

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
With a Master's Degree in Material and Manufacturing Engineering from DTU, specialized in on-line process control of Injection Moulding and Robust processes, Tobias comes from a position in Valcon Consulting. There, he worked as Lead Consultant, training teams on Six Theta® Design to ensure reliability, profitability, and predictability of products and production lines.
Thanks to his expertise in identifying and defining requirements early on in a new product development project, ensuring a high quality product that meet the desired Design Control quality practices, Tobias will be Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in the Product Development department of ProInvent, and will have a Technical- and Systems Requirement Lead role in Ambu.

Kevin Kærgaard 

Test Engineer 
With a Bachelor's degree in Electro Engineering from DTU, specializing in digital signal processing, Kevin comes from a position as test engineer in Demant A/S, where he was in charge of the design and implementation of the tool for system test while working on automating tests and test development along side with the developers.
In ProInvent, he will be Test Engineer in the Product Development department, where he will start on creating a strategic semi-automated test method for Ambu.

Troels Holm Pedersen

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer 
Graduated in 2009 with a M.Sc. in Design and Innovation, Troels comes from a position in Demant, where he worked 11 years, firstly as Mechanical Developer in hardware development and later as an Innovation Engineer in the discovery department, focusing primarily on mechanics. Troels has been responsible for mechanical product architecture, product specification, design verification, design for assembly, mock-ups for user preference and usability tests, while designing parts in a variety of materials to be manufactured in different kinds of processes, amongst others: plastic injection molding, milling, and 3D printing.
In ProInvent, Troels will be Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in the Product Development team, where he will be positioned for Qlife or Airtame.

Jacob Hartvig Rasmussen 

Automation Engineer 
Graduated in 2017 from DTU with a Master in Electrical Engineering specialized in Automation and Robotics, Jacob started working right afterwards as a Process Automation Engineer at GEA , where he acted as electrical lead for spray and freeze drying projects. There, he focused on approving hardware documentation and developing PLC software for the projects, while doing on site commissioning of the plants (SAT and handover for the customer).
In ProInvent, Jacob will work as Automation Engineer in the Control Group under Henrik Søndergaard. His first task will be to assist on the Stratus Project.

Lasse Frost Klitgaard

Automation Engineer 
Lasse is an AP Graduate in Automation Engineer from KEA, where he acquired knowledge in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering.  After a period as teaching assistant, Lasse held a position as Automation Engineer in AN Group A/S, where he has been working primarily as a consultant within pharma and process automation, while developing special made software for automating documentation of functionality.
In ProInvent, he will work as Automation Engineer in the Robot Technology department, where he will focus on process control, configuration and programming of PLC and servo operations, and HMI systems.

Michael Skandov 

Head of Machine Design
As new head of the Machine Design Group, we are very happy to welcome back Michael Skandov – Michael has already been employed at ProInvent for 6 years, formerly as a constructor and project manager and later as Head of Project Management. He has then worked at Novo Nordisk 2011-2021 as – among others – process specialist for insulin devices machine building, design for validation and automation, project management and process owner.
Highly specialized in construction, automation, leadership, sales, planning and validation, Michael is known as a person that can make constructions well-functioning from the very first time.

Cameron Driver 

Electrical Hardware Technician
Originally from Australia, Cameron held positions as Electrical Supervisor for several years, and then moved to Denmark in 2018. Since then, he has worked as Electrical Technician in Amstrup Teknik and later CD Automation for electrical installation on Tipformer projects, where he developed extensive knowledge in running on Automatic Tipform machines.
In ProInvent, Cameron is the new Electrical Hardware Technician in the Electrical Hardware department and his experience will be an important added value for our Machine Factory.