We help our customers bring high quality products faster to market

In product development we are your partner building the next generation of innovative products by utilizing our highly professional skills with a strong focus on customer needs, reliability and manufacturability.

You will benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise that covers most aspects of product development and our wide network to cover all necessary disciplines. Our 1200m2 large workshop is equipped with machinery that allows us to rapidly develop and create a wide range of prototypes ranging from static mock ups to more complex devices for performance test.

Our passion

We love to create and we love to innovate cutting-edge products that help people live better lives. Our philosophy is built on integrated product development where focus is aimed at fulfilling our customers' and end-users' needs.

We exploit our strong cross-functional competences across the disciplinary area and all phases of the project to ensure, that what the customers want, can be produced at an effective cost with high yield. We execute our product development activities through structured planning, from early ideation through design maturing and process development until production.

Our services

We offer consulting support to our customers who need highly competent and skilled employees, who can engage, as part of a team in projects or on single tasks. We understand the importance of closeness and cross-functional involvement and therefore our consultants will often be positioned in the customers Organization. Consulting is all about our customer´s needs and we will do our very best, to find the right candidate for the challenge at hand.

Using our consulting service will allow you to tap into the strong knowledge base in ProInvent that include a large range of tools and processes for both product development and machine building activities. This serves, not only as a problem-solver gateway but also as great inspiration to how to become even more effective in execution of daily work.

When you hire our consultants, you can expect to engage with very competent individuals who has the right level of experience and the necessary toolbox to get the job done successfully. You will meet cheerful, engaged and outgoing people that easily adapt into you Organization, to become a dedicated team player.
We offer our customers the handling and execution of single phase- or complete product development projects at our own facilities. We can engage both in main and secondary product development projects and can be a valuable partner in larger programs when a highly competent team is needed. We have more than 1200 m2 of warehouse where we make prototypes, pilot equipment and production machines.

It is important for us that customer´s expectations are met at all times and we make great effort in scoping, staffing and delivering what is required and beyond. At ProInvent we utilize state-of-the-art tools and processes that has been effectively proved in some of the most innovative companies in the World and therefore you can expect a very effective project execution and professional project delivery.

When you choose us as a development partner, you engage with a passioned and dedicated company that can handle both product development and machine building under one roof. This create a unique synergy that ensures a final product with high manufacturability and a production with high yield – all very important for a fast and successful product launch.
Our competences
  • User centric development
  • Ideation and concept development
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Test and verification
  • Manufacturability for robust production
  • Production process development
  • Secondary packaging
  • Design control documentation
What customers can expect
  • User-Centric product development delivering significant value to customers and end-users
  • Robust product designs that considers all aspects of manufacturing to ensure robust production
  • High level of documentation quality to ensure compliance with the regulations
  • Competent and social people with high levels of experience, competences and skill sets
  • Products faster to market

Your preferred partner

We are your preferred partner for new product development, who will develop and deliver the next generation of innovative products to market. Together, we will build product knowledge to increase synergy and value creation for a long-term partnership

René Ferm Nyberg, Head of Product Development