About ProInvent

ProInvent delivers integrated product- and production technology development within selected core competences.
All we do, and plan to do in the future, is based on main customers’ needs, and predicted needs.
Therefore, ProInvent makes parallel design of products and the related production equipment
within selected core competencies that fit customers’ needs.


Your product and technology development partner

ProInvent A/S is an innovative and dynamic company with more than 50 employees. Based on a large number of unique projects delivered to satisfied and loyal clients – ProInvent has huge know-how and experience in designing and developing products and custom-built automation machines. Our employees are qualified engineers and their average age is 35 years. With these highly-educated employees it is our ambition, through development of products and automated production machinery, to  become a competent one-stop-partner for development-intensive industrial enterprises and to assist them getting fast to market and achieving a more efficient production, higher earnings growth and an improved working environment".
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ProInvent year by year

"In 2019 we celebrates our 25th anniversary, and has built up extensive experience, based on solving more than 700 projects, that benefits you. It was great enthusiasm and a desire to contribute to Denmark’s prosperity through productivity- and quality increases, and not least a healthier working environment in the Danish production companies that led to the company ProInvent A/S.


Latest event

25 years anniversary in 2019
With great enthusiasm and desire to contribute to Denmark's prosperity through higher productivity and a healthier working environment in the Danish production companies, ProInvent A/S technology development was founded in 1994 by Leif Dalum, CEO. Thursday march 7th blev flagene hejst at the Royal Military Clothing Factory in Hørsholm. Costumers, collaborators (or business partners?) and the mayor mødte talstærkt op, for at lykkeønske med jubilæet og høre forskellige foredrag om nye maskinteknologier og nyudviklede maskiner, designed and developed by ProInvent. Frederiksborg Amts Avis har skrevet om jubilæet.

Just because we can

""In ProInvent we are passionate about technology development.
If you go for a walk through ProInvent in the head office and in the assembingy workshop, you can feel the enthusiasm. All engineers and developers in the company have a fundamental interest in innovative technology and machine design, which have followed them all the way to ProInvent."

Peter Ahlberg, Head of Project Management and Senior Partner in ProInvent

Højeste kreditværdighed

ProInvent is rated AAA with high credit rating by Bisnode. The rating shows that ProInvent is among the 2% most solid companies in Danish business

Gazelle virksomhed

ProInvent A/S har en vækstrate, der til stadighed kvalificerer firmaet som en af de hurtigst voksende gazellevirksomheder i Danmark